Kevin A. Cahill


Kevin Cahill is dedicated to representing the interests of the people of Ulster and Dutchess Counties as their Assemblymember in the 103rd District.  Since 1986, Kevin has lent his progressive voice to public service by championing a variety of important causes, including environmental and energy conservation, women’s health and workplace rights, fair pay and income equality and comprehensive tax reform.

As a Planned Parenthood honoree and co-sponsor of the Women’s Equality Act, Kevin has continually been a strong advocate for the rights of women, including their right to choose.  Within our district, Kevin ensured that a woman’s reproductive rights were fully protected during the merger between the Benedictine and Kingston Hospitals when he successfully fought for and secured funding for the creation of the Foxhall Ambulatory Surgical Center, which was completed in 2009.

Kevin’s record on protecting our land, air, water and natural resources is highlighted with policies that promote statewide efforts in conservation, clean energy, and sustainability.  He has been a leader in Albany on these topics, as demonstrated by previously being named the Environmental Planning Lobby’s Legislator of the Year.  Cahill has been a persistent and enthusiastic co-sponsor of legislation that would enact a moratorium on Hydraulic Fracturing in New York State.  As Chair of the Energy Committee, he was responsible for passing some of the most cutting-edge bills in the field, including the multi-million dollar Green Jobs Green New York program and modernization to our net metering laws.  Though he no longer serves as the Committee’s Chair, Kevin continues to ensure that utility companies provide quality, fair and affordable service to residents within his communities.

As former Chair of the Assembly Committee on Ethics and a staunch proponent for campaign finance reform, Kevin has consistently supported measures that would bring a greater economic balance to the political process so that contributions made by the average constituent count just as much as those made by big business and lobbying groups.  Though some in state government may have looked the other way while public officials were casting a black shadow over Albany politics, Kevin turned his attention to strengthening existing ethics laws and partnered with colleagues to draft the actual sanctions that led to the resignation of state legislators.

Assemblymember Cahill’s dedication to the region is far-reaching and seemingly endless. He was successful in providing a wing of beds to the Darmstadt shelter to help families most in need. He has preserved the vibrancy and culture in our community with his unwavering support for local arts organizations. He encourages our children to develop a strong passion for literature through his annual summer reading program and collaborations with the Mid Hudson Library System.

Kevin Cahill is a graduate of SUNY New Paltz and Albany Law School. He has worked as an attorney and director of a Medicare health plan and uses this experience to better serve the people of his district and all citizens of New York State. He keeps the best interests of his constituents in mind and is committed to fervently advocating on their behalf in the future.



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